🔑Changing keys

Now that you have successfully connected as the new user through the new port, make a new ssh key. This should be done in a secure environment (eg air-gapped machine):

# Make a new key
ssh-keygen -b 4096 -m PEM -f <the-name-of-your-key>.pem

# Remove the public key from your system
rm <the-name-of-your-key>.pub

# Change permissions on the key
chmod 400 <the-name-of-your-key>.pem

# Read and copy the public key
ssh-keygen -y -f <the-name-of-your-key>.pem

Paste the new public key on your VM:

# From your home directory do:
nano .ssh/authorized_keys

# Paste the public key in a second line and save

Please note: check that you can connect with the new key from a second terminal window before deleting your old key

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