🪢Cardano node installation

Now you can proceed with cardano-node and -cli installation as usual

Excellent guides exist about this, so no need for repetition. Please refer to Coincashew for more information.

Pre-compiled binaries for ARM-based architectures have been provided by the lovely bunch at Armada Alliance, and can be found here.

Testnet environment node configuration files:

The full complement of configuration files is available here.

Please note: aside from getting the correct configs, you must remember to assign the --testnet-magic <natural> flag instead of --mainnet whenever needed.

Please note: for your nodes to communicate correctly you will need to add the node port you assign during the build, both to firewalld and OCI Security List. This is similar to what you did for ssh here.

Success: once you are done with your first node, rinse and repeat for the others.

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