💻Provisioning your instances

Let's create our first VMs on OCI to run Testnet nodes.

Please note: OCI does not support this documentation in any way, financial or otherwise.

Sign into your account and navigate to Compute > Instances:

Choose your compartment (you should have the root one, created on sign-up):

Your compute console will look slightly different: I have removed info regarding my account to avoid any confusion. Click Create Instance:

First, give your instance a meaningful name (eg Preview-Relay) and then click Edit on Image and Shape:

Change Image to choose you favourite Linux flavour (Ubuntu 20.04 in this example) and then Change Shape to create a Standard VM (A1.Flex) with 1 CPU and 6 GB of RAM:

You can leave the networking options set to default (Primary and Secondary VNIC)

Let OCI generate a key-pair for you (you will be changing this later anyway) and set your desired boot disk preferences (50 GB should suffice to start):

If you already have keys that you'd rather use, go ahead. The one OCI generates will be throw-away anyway, as we'll be making new keys.

Success: click on Create and wait for the your new instance to provision.

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